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Texas Flood Blues Band

„Best Blues in Town!“

Once upon a time, well frankly rather recently, in October 2006 three fullblooded blues-boys met in Düsseldorf. Until then they played in several known blues-bands, but they were up to something new. The first sessions developed quickly to the foundation of a new, tight group who pay their dues to the  blues greats. Of course, Texas Blues, being their creed, is more than just a name of another blues band…

Ever since, Dirk Steinbeck (git/voc), Matthias Frischmann (kb/b3/sax), Thomas Schmeltzpfenning (drums) and Thomas „Löff“ Zrieschling (bs/voc) play passionate guitar-blues at its best.

Our approach is to present our fun and addiction to what we do – which we consider much more important than to play at high-end perfection.
Having  fun to floor it. That does the trick. With our background playing in studios, and of course, live, we know how to entertain!**

„That`s how white boys got the Blues!“

Songs from Ray Vaughan, early greats from ZZ Top or classics such as e.g.. „Dust my broom“ is what we interpret. Based on the original works, we feel bound to deliver fun, feeling, power and absolute obsession to our listeners.

We don’t try to be copy cats…we take the original material and give them our own twist….with our feeling and dedication to the blues . . .

(„Thank you Guys for givin us the Blues“
remembering SRV, Jimi Hendrix & many more…)

Dirk E. „Stoney“ Steinbeck

Born: 1971 in Essen, Germany
Favorites: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Billy F. Gibbons / ZZTOP, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Whittington, Olaf Scherf, Albert King, Freddy King, usw.
Mission Statement:
„When I got to the guitar, I found that I had a psychiatrist, a housewife, I had a mistress, had a cook, I had everything all in one, something I could wrap around my arms and I could play. That guitar and I – we just hatched down together and we said: we could be buddies for life“ (Les Paul)My life is great, ……But I still got the blues…– Stoney –


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Matthias Frischmann

Born: 1977 in Bamberg, Oberfranken, Germany
Favorites: Funk, Soul, Blues, HipHop and some Jazz
Equipment: Fender Rhodes, diverse Stagepianos (Kurzweil, Kawai, Clavia),
1928er Conn „Chu Berry“ Tenor Sax
2015er Selmer Alt Sax „The lady is now in the bunker“!
I am good at: Coolness in musical discussions (at least in this band…)
I suck at: I’m a real bad mother

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Thomas „Schmelleck“ Schmeltzpfenning

Born: 1962 in Essen, Germany
Favorites: Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Ansley Lister and many more …
Equipment: Gretsch – Catalina Maple
At age 15 my dear father sponsored my first drum kit. Immediately a band was founded and I began my first steps into pop and rock music.

After a I started a trio band with two fellow musicians, which was devoted to Rhythm’n Blues. In the following years I gathered further experience with many other bands and different styles of music, to finally find my way to Texas Flood Blues Band in 2014. Since then, I declare responsibility for the beat here.

… back to the roots … and I still got the Blues


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 Thomas „Löff“ Zrieschling
Thomas has his roots in Ingolstadt where he was brought up and began to play Zither at the early age of 9. The talented boy studied to play more instruments like guitar, e-bass and upright bass. Since 2009 his professional career as a musician commenced transitioning his passion into profession.
He studied music at the Staatlich anerkannte Berufsfachschule für Musik in Regensburg. Since Oktober 2016 he is responsible for the deep end sound at Texas Flood Blues Band and plays bass.